Furniture/ Door Factory

AS-1000 Gaps Sealer

ALSEAL Gaps Sealer is a strong, super flexible, siliconized acrylic gap sealer. It is designed for internal and external applications where a flexible joint sealant is required.

AS-1110 All Purpose Gaps Sealer

ALSEAL All Purpose Gaps Sealer is an economical, environmentally friendly acrylic sealant for general purpose caulking and sealing applications.

AS-1120 Ultra Flex Gap Sealer

ALSEAL Ultra Flex Gaps Sealer is a premium grade high elastic acrylic sealant for both external and internal sealing applications.

AS-1130 Fast Drying Gap Sealant

ALSEAL Fast Drying Gap Sealant is a premium grade acrylic sealant formulated for fast paint over time (10 minutes).

AS-1206 Power Screw - Instant Grab Adhesive Sealant

An instant-grab MS Polymer adhesive that has good and durable adhesion on various substrates. The instant-grab feature eliminates the need of brace or support. It has good UV and temperature resistance.

AS-1224 Wood & Parquet Adhesive

A water-based adhesive that is excellent for wood bonding application. It features quick setting, superior bonding strength and it bonds variety of porous substrates.

AS-1502 / AS-1502C / AS-1502NT Super Glue

ALSEAL 1502 Super Glue is a low viscosity, ultra-fast setting ethyl based Cyanoacrylate Adhesive which bonds almost immediately upon contact. It is specially formulated for difficult to bond substrate like bonding of acidic woods.

AS-204 General Purpose Sealant

ALSEAL General Purpose Sealant is one-part, economical, acetic cure silicone sealant formulated use across a broad range of trade applications.

AS-4120 PU Foam

ALSEAL PU Foam is a one-component, moisture-cure Polyurethane Foam formulated for general-purpose applications like sealing, filling, mounting, insulating and soundproofing in concrete, plaster, brick, floorboard, most plastics, metal, glass or wood.

AS-5000 Aqua Nails

ALSEAL Aqua Nails is a one-component, high performance, paste-like construction adhesive sealant formulated to bond a variety of common construction materials.

AS-8028 808 Contact Adhesive

ALSEAL 808 Contact Adhesive is a premium quality solvent-based synthetic rubber adhesive formulated to bond a variety of common materials. It is easy to use, fast setting and offers superior bonding strength.