Acrylic Sealant

AS-1000 Gaps Sealer

ALSEAL Gaps Sealer is a strong, super flexible, siliconized acrylic gap sealer. It is designed for internal and external applications where a flexible joint sealant is required.

AS-1001 Fire Retardant Sealant

ALSEAL Fire Retardant Sealant is acrylic based firestop sealant that provides movement capability in fire rated joint applications.

AS-1100 ColorSil Sealant

ALSEAL Colorsil Sealant is a paintable and flexible, premium quality acrylic sealant formulated for sealing gaps and joints where slight movements or vibration, if occurred, could cause conventional, non-elastic fillers and putties to crack and fall off.

AS-1110 All Purpose Gaps Sealer

ALSEAL All Purpose Gaps Sealer is an economical, environmentally friendly acrylic sealant for general purpose caulking and sealing applications.

AS-1120 Ultra Flex Gap Sealer

ALSEAL Ultra Flex Gaps Sealer is a premium grade high elastic acrylic sealant for both external and internal sealing applications.

AS-1130 Fast Drying Gap Sealant

ALSEAL Fast Drying Gap Sealant is a premium grade acrylic sealant formulated for fast paint over time (10 minutes).