Butyl Tape/Sealant

AS-2006 Manhole Tape

ALSEAL Manhole Sealant is an easy to handle butyl rubber sealing tape for non-critical sealing and glazing application in drainage system. It has good weather and ageing resistance and provides economical sealing.

AS-3070 Roofing Tape

ALSEAL Roofing Tape is a double sided butyl adhesive tape that has high cohesive and adhesive strength. It contains anti-oxidants, fungicides and anti-bacterial agents available in several sizes.

AS-3089 Vacuum Bagging Tape

ALSEAL Butyl Vacuum Bagging Tape is an ever-tacky butyl sealant tape with good adhesion that can seal against water and air.

AS-3090 All Purpose Butyl Tape

ALSEAL All Purpose Butyl Tape is an extruded, ever-tacky and pressure-sensitive gasket sealant with good adhesion strength. It can form an instant seal against water, air or dust, and remain permanently soft.

AS-5100 Cork Insulation Tape

ALSEAL Cork Insulation Tape is a non-hardening, non-toxic insulating material specially formulated for the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry

AS-6000 Butyl Sealant

ALSEAL Butyl Sealant is a black ever-tacky butyl sealant with good adhesion to most surfaces. It offers a fast and clean method for installing glass with instant adhesion.

AS-6005 Door Trim Butyl Tape

ALSEAL Door Trim Butyl Sealant is an ever-tack, black-coloured sealant with good adhesion strength. It offers a fast and clean method for sealing uneven gaps between car door trim and the main door frame.

AS-9100 Water Tank Sealant

ALSEAL Water Tank Sealant is an extruded, ever-tacky, waterproof, high performance butyl sealant. It is non-toxic and safe for use in contact with drinking water.