Body Parts/ Auto Glass

AS-1251 All Purpose Metal Polish

A metal polish specially formulated to polish, clean, and protect metal surfaces (chrome, aluminium, stainless steel, copper brass, etc.). It has powerful yet gentle abrasive property making it ideal for restoring the shine of heavily weathered and corroded surfaces.

AS-3009 Fan Clutch Oil

Fan clutch oil is a high viscous silicone oil with its characteristics of clear colour, odourless, non-toxic and non-irritating. It has excellent heat and cold resistance (-50 °C ~ 200 °C).

AS-3353 Seam Sealer

ALSEAL 3353 Seam Sealer is a paintable, quick skinning, fast drying, low shrinkage and good adhesion sealant for automobile exterior and interior seams joining.

AS-4010 MS Seam Sealant

ALSEAL MS Seam Sealant is high-performance sealant formulated based on advanced MS Polymer technology.

AS-4200 Auto Glass Sealant

ALSEAL Auto Glass Sealant is a moisture cure, high modulus polyurethane sealant formulated for windscreen bonding applications.

AS-4255 Primerless Auto Glass Sealant

A moisture-cured, high modulus MS Polymer sealant formulated for windscreen bonding applications.

AS-5400 Bituminous Underseal

Alseal Bitumen Underseal is an underbody and sound deadener sealant with rust-preventing properties, suitable for use in the automobile & building industries. It is suitable for spray or brush application.

AS-6000 Butyl Sealant

ALSEAL Butyl Sealant is a black ever-tacky butyl sealant with good adhesion to most surfaces. It offers a fast and clean method for installing glass with instant adhesion.