Product Information

AS-7000 Paint Remover

ALSEAL Paint Remover is a most efficient and rapid non-caustic material which penetrate through successive coats of paint, vanish or enamel and will not affect wood or metal.
  • Non-caustic

  • Cost effective

  • Super strong and fast reacting

  • High viscosity

  • Works on vertical surfaces


ALSEAL Paint Remove which penetrates into successive coats of paint, vanish or enamel. It is super strong and fast reacting yet non caustic hence will not damage bared surfaces. It is highly viscous and can be applied on vertical surfaces.


Removal of coatings from metal, wood, plaster and glass. Removal of enamel paints, varnishes and bitumens.
Can also soften acrylic paints and glues.


500 ml

1.0 L

3.5 L

Carton Quantity

24 tins

12 tins

6 tins