Product Information

AS-5800 Vinyl Adhesive

  • High initial tack

  • Ready mixed, easy to use

  • Installation and clean-up is simple

  • Good residual tack

  • Long working time, repositioning is possible

  • Low odour and low VOC

  • Environmentally friendly


ALSEAL Vinyl Adhesive is a high-strength, water-based, and easy-to-spread adhesive designed for installing vinyl floor coverings like vinyl planks, vinyl sheets, vinyl tiles etc. onto most types of subfloor surfaces. The adhesive will become tacky and is able to grab resilient vinyl floors, easing installation works especially when the subfloor is not 100% even.

Ideal for vinyl plank, vinyl tiles, vinyl wall base, vinyl floor maintenance, PVC backed carpets, acoustic rubber mat etc. on common types of subfloor surfaces like concrete, cement sand screeds or underlayment, plywood, hardboard or cement sheet underlays etc.


1.0 kg

5.0 kg

10.0 kg

20.0 kg

Carton Quantity

12 pails

4 pails

2 pails

1 pail