AS-740 Cementitious Waterproofing

ALSEAL Cementitious Waterproofing is semi-rigid cement based of two components polymer modified waterproof coating. It is formulated with specially selected and graded fine quartz and high quality polymer to create brushable, smooth slurry with excellent bond and adhesion to most substrates.

It seals pores voids and cracks of substrates and yet provides a breathable coating which allows water vapour transmission.

It is used to provide water and damp proofing coats to concrete structures, bricks and masonry works, plasters etc. Besides, it used in underground retaining walls, tunnels and basements. Foundation walls and footing subjected to ground moisture can also be protected by it.

Content 5.0kg (4kg Powder + 1kg Latex) 25.0kg (20kg Powder + 5kg Latex)
Carton Quantity 4 sets 1 set