AS-710 Acrylic Elastomeric Coating

ALSEAL Acrylic Elastomeric Coating is designed to provide multi-purpose waterbase elastomeric acrylic coating for joint-less sealing of roofs and other substrates with a lot of crack and water seepage.

It features a versatile function due to the 100% acrylic latex composition which is extremely durable, fungus and algae resistance, UV degradation resistance, high elongation and high volume solids and low shrinkage.

Well suited for repair and prolong various roof life whereas the crack and water seepage is predominant. It protect water leaking by bridges and seals the hairline cracks of roof, concrete, brick, screeds, wood, metal, composite fiberboard, foam board and other substrates, but not subject to heavy foot traffic like decks, alcoves, ponds and tanks.

Content 1kg 5kg 20kg
Carton Quantity 12 pails 4 pails 1 pail