AS-6000 (Pizza Box) Butyl Sealant

ALSEAL Butyl Sealant is a black ever-tacky butyl sealant with good adhesion to most surfaces. It offers a fast and clean method for installing glass with instant adhesion.

It is specially formulated for use as a placement sealant tape for installation between the glass and metal, plastic areas of automotive windscreen, tail light and etc. It will remain permanently sealed and waterproof between glass, pinch weld, metal or plastic.

Dimension 9.5mm x 9.5mm x 4.57m 9.5mm x 4.57m 7.9mm x 7.9mm x 4.57m 7.9mm x 4.57m 30mm x 1.5mm x 10m 50mm x 1.5mm x 10m
Carton Quantity 24 rolls 24 rolls 24 rolls 24 rolls 24 rolls 24 rolls