AS-4005 Green MS Sealant

  • Singapore Green Building Product Labelling Scheme (SGBPLS) Certified
  • ASTM C920 (Class 25) compliant
  • Good UV resistance
  • Paintable
  • Low static charge – Less fluid streaking
  • No silicone oil – Non-staining on adjacent substrates
  • No isocyanate – No blistering
  • No solvent– No shrinkage

ALSEAL Green MS Sealant is an environmentally friendly, elastomeric hybrid sealant based on advanced MS Polymer technology. It is a low-modulus sealant with high movement capability and excellent weathering characteristic. It is complies with Singapore Green Building Product Labelling Scheme (SGBPLS).

Sealing concrete joints (precast wall panels, expansion joints, control joints, FRC boards, etc.), façade cladding (metal panels, natural stones, etc.), window frame perimeter, etc. Other applications sealing anodized aluminum, masonry, porcelain, coated metal, finished wood, epoxy and polyester panels, UPVC, polystyrene, and stainless steel.

Content 290 ml 600 ml
Carton Quantity 20 cartridges 20 sausages
Colours White, grey & black