AS-3004 Red RTV (Acetic Silicone)

ALSEAL Red RTV is an original gasket maker formulated for high temperature and heavy duty applications. It makes reliable “formed-in-place” gaskets that resist cracking, shrinking and migration caused by thermal cycling. Ideal to replace almost any cut gasket. Also use to coat pre-cut gaskets to increase reliability. It is permanently flexible and stable at temperature of between -80°F to +650°F (-62°C to +343°C) intermittent. It is also highly resistant to auto and shop fluids.

It is used for rear main bearing cap split line, damper keyway sealing, differential cover, intake end seals, OHC cap, oil pan corner seals, oil pan gasket, side cover plate, thermostat housing, timing cover, transmission pan, valve cover gasket, vibration damper, water pump cover gasket and intake manifolds.

Content 85gm
Inner Box 12 tube carded
Carton Quantity 144 packs